What We Do!

Our staff maintains stringent quality standards, regardless of tire grades being purchased or sold. Drawing on the talent of our industry masters, everything functions at near 100%—making a relationship with TIRECORE one you can rely on.
Procurement of Tires
TIRECORE's team assists you in the purchase of quality casings. We can also manage your excess casing inventory, with TIRECORE, your dollars never sit idle. "Everything rolls"®
New Tire Distribution
TIRECORE currently offers premium new tire brands under the Roadx & Diamondback lines. TIRECORE offers a casing buyback program to augment any new tire program. At TIRECORE, "everything rolls"®
Logistics Management
Whether you are a local in-state customer or on the other side of the world, we can supply your company with all casing/logistics/documentation needs. TIRECORE / CORESUPPORT assists you with your specific logistics requirements.


  • Access to Heavyweight Corridor Zone
  • Close proximity to international airports
  • Easy access to all CA freeways
  • Close proximity to Port of Long Beach
  • Close proximity to Los Angeles
  • Ideal for domestic/international distribution


  • 35,000sq ft. Warehouse
  • Executive/Training facilities
  • 4 internal service docks
  • 24/7 live feed video surveillance (CCSV)
  • Municipal/State/Federal code compliance
  • Internationally bonded
  • In-house customs documentation
  • Dedicated Penske fleet

Our Team

  • Led by industry professionals
  • Team led with collective experience
  • Each team member is fully trained
  • Logistical department with proven results
  • Warehouse staff has maximum efficiency
  • Team has acute attention to detail
  • Our large team is industry specialized
  • TireCore branches across the globe
  • Global vendors and purchasers
  • Specialized technical department

"The Now" & "The Future"


TIRECORE was established in Huntington Beach in 2005 on a 10,000 sq. ft. dirt lot with with "One Man, One Van, & One Plan". That Plan has lead to TIRECORE's steady growth. The company has developed infrastructure as well as a Management/Support team with decades of Tire industry experience.

TIRECORE has become a leader in the procurement of high-quality domestic and import truck tire casings for the retreading industry, including National domestic collection of casings from certified company procurement agents, affiliate brokers, local commercial tire companies and tire recyclers. TireCore has expanded it’s procurment/sales force to accomadate a growing international demand for its services. TIRECORE also manages Manufacturers and Municiple fleet tire casing programs. The company currently handles 95,000+ units annually with the capacity to produce up to 200,000 + units from its current facility.

The 34 years of long standing relationships provided by Garry Drisdelle has set the foundation for all current operations. TIRECORE's continued development of the Management/Support Team has allowed increased expansion of casing purchases domestically and word wide. This provides an optimized supply chain that can fit many companies specific needs.

Logistics Management

Whether you are a local in-state customer or on the other side of the world, we can supply your company with all casing/logistics/documentation needs. TIRECORE can assist you with your specific logistics requirements.

TIRECORE's state of the art casing management facilitiy is in close proximity to the Port of Long Beach and the Los Angeles freeway system. This makes for excellent domestic and international logistics. TIRECORE is also in the Federal Enterprise Zone giving it positive expansion potential.

Fully operational since 2009, TIRECORE's new headquarters sets the bar for form and function when it comes to casing management. With its 38,000 sq. ft. warehouse, dedicated Penske lease fleet, multiple power lift trucks TIRECORE processes product with the utmost attention to detail. Customers appreciate the facility's on-site amenities which include 1,000 sq. ft. of modern office space, inviting reception area and separate production warehouse. Inventory and equipment are served by four internally housed truck level docks, two high clearance drive-in doors and 24/7 state-of-the-art CCVS surveillance for maximum security.

Built green-friendly, the warehouse's translucent skylights illuminate the interior with natural lighting, affording 100% daily workflow with minimal power consumption. TIRECORE has all necessary city occupancy and CAL Recycle waste facility permits. The facility also holds twice the NFPA 231D minimum requirement for facility fire suppression—specific to tire storage. Parking for clients and vendors is a breeze with an abundance of spaces including handicap accessibility.

Flexible and Secure

TIRECORE is working to utilize sophisticated server-based accounting applications, that can be securely and remotely accessewd anywhere internet service is available. This will provide management with 24/7 flexibility to manage the business anytime and anywhere. RAID controllers will act as high security measures that will keep data safe and backed up. CORESUPPORT, when completed (2015), will provide accountability of daily reporting of all casings that are purchased or sold from many vendors worldwide.

Advanced Inventory Management

Through internal collaboration, and with TIRECORE's programming and marketing affiliates, the organization continues to increase its business scope. With the creation of TIRECORE's Inventory Management Software (IMS) program, “CORESUPPORT”, TireCore will have tracking software designed to encompass a complete cradle to grave tracking solution for the retreading of casings.

This revolutionary software will allow internal procurement agents or affiliate brokers the tool for further procurement/sales expansion worldwide. This will be released to all TIRECORE customers . With its exceptional track record and Management Team, TIRECORE will strive to set its sights on continued growth. The TIRECORE business model will be adapted in locations wherever the procurement of tire casings needs to be managed and developed.

New Tire Sales
This revolutionary software will allow for procurement agents/affiliate broker accountability, as well as, accountability for further procurement/sales expansion worldwide. This will be released to all TIRECORE customers worldwide. With its exceptional track record and experienced staff, TIRECORE has now set its next milestone—growth of 60% and annual procurement of 200,000+ units by 2013 in the Long Beach facility. The TIRECORE business model can be adapted in locations wherever procurement of tire casings can be developed throughout North America, in various future sites, or in developments already under consideration.

TIRECORE is pleased to announce the addition of  2 lines of quality New tires to it's distribution network.
The RoadX  premium medium truck tire produced by Sailun in China is a high quality tire. Providing excellent preformance , and durability,Every RoadX tire carries a warranty second to none, retreadability guarantees for two caps and coupled with TIRECORE's casing buy/back program, Our customers will be assured of having the best service and products available.

TIRECORE will also offer the Diamondback line of tires. Diamondback provides great wearability with economy in mind. Available in a number of sizes and tread patterns Diamondback tires carry a great warranty , and coupled with TIRECORE's casing by back program it's sure to be a winner.