TireTrax Inventory & Tracking Management

Mobile Procurement Agents
Agents will be equipped with laptops that enable mostly 'hands free' operations with headset microphone used under normal ambient noise conditions (e.g. warehouses). The DOT code and other relevant information will be verbally entered into the system versus hand-keyed, although scanning the barcode will be necessary to start the process.

TireTrax is a viable real time Inventory Management Solution (IMS) capable of being utilized by one-man operations or entire corporations. It provides purchase-to-sale accountability for private corporations while the entire dataset may have value as a cradle-to-grave- accountability for governments that desire operating a tire stewardship.


Mobile clients communicate with a centralized database capable of holding records on billions of tires. We rely on cloud virtualization technology to run multiple database servers with each server handling millions of tires. The central database is accessed from computers and mobile phones via a web-based application. This serves as the heart of TireTrax where managers, buyers, and sellers can all access real time information on inventory, wherever it might be.

Customer & Technical Support

TireTrax is fully supported 24/7 with an online customer service team and field technicians ready to assist seven days a week. Our sales team has over a decade experience in the tire industry, while our technical staff is leading the field in inventory management software development. With our outstanding record of quality customer service, you can expect friendly and welcoming assistance, no matter what the need.


Cloud Computing HUB

TireTrax's complex database which houses all inventory management data, can be accessed anywhere internet is provided.

Field Operators

Operators from around the globe can input data into the database, remotely. A road Buyer can do everything from inputting a tire into the inventory, to simply updating a tire's grade.

Internal Management/Accountability

Management can account for a tire's whereabouts, generate purchase orders and help provide pertinent data. This data may also be used for internal reporting and government compliance.

Technical Support and R & D

TireTrax is lead by a leading software development team and is continually updated with feedback from 'our' users. All the software and database information (the inventory) is continually backed up and updated each day, seamlessly while operations are active.


Quarter 1 2012

Prototyping phase
The development of a basic model for TireTrax.

Quarter 3 2012

Deployment for Testing
Deployment of the Beta for feedback and refinement.

Quarter 4 2012

Polishing the first major iteration of the product for sale.